In this article I will talk about all pros and cons regarding the best Wildstar leveling addons and guides you can find on internet.

Below you will find a ranking of those, from my point of view (of course after I tested all of them) :

1.     Zygor Wildstar Addon for leveling.


This special addon has won the first place because it is the most simple and efficient Wildstar addon that I used until now when I was leveling. This Wildstar leveling addon it is made by the professional “Zygor” team. This mmo’s or mmorprg’s guide making team, already have well known leveling addons for WOW and ESO. Due to this fact they always do only quality products and they always work for new updates with every new Wildstar content added.


Now let me tell you why this Wildstar leveling addon is the best:

  •  It will walk you step by step in-game through everything you need to do, to level your character at capped level in blazing speed.
  • You will never walk again asking yourself, what you need to do next to level your character quickly.
  •  Every step of this Wildstar leveling addon (guide) is written in a clear and easy to understand format and will tell you exactly who to talk to (NPC), which quest to accept, how to complete quests objectives in a timely fast manner and a lot more.
  •  During all your quests you will be guided every step of the way in every matter you need, starting with your quests with the help of a 3D waypoint arrow and you will always know where to go and what to do next, what quest to accept for maximized experience.
  • As soon as you finish one quest, this addon will automatically sync-up to the next step in the guide and will show  you where to head and who to talk next.All that will be indicated by the awesome 3D arrow.

By using this Wildstar leveling addon you will have more free time to spend with your guild friends or concentrate on PVP, crafting or other Wildstar activities. After I tested it I was able to level up my esper alt in 4 days and all leveling process was very smooth and fast.


If you chose to grab this wildstar leveling addon you will have 24/7 costumer support from their team. Also this is a 100% legal addon which you will install like all other wildstar addons. This leveling addon is available in 2 versions, for exile and for dominion faction. It costs 40 bucks per faction but if you choose both factions will cost you only 60 bucks.

 2.     Beastly Wildstar leveling addon and guide.

wildstar leveling addon beast Do you want to hit level 50 in 2 days? If you are in a hurry and you want to start a raids, level 50 warplots or battle grounds or maybe simple world pvp, this Wildstar speed leveling addon is what you are searching for. I tested it on my fresh warrior and I was able hit level 50 in 3 days of playing (not 2 days as Beastly is saying because I was playing 7 hours/ 1day).This simple addon will aid you in your Wildstar journey by telling you where to go, what quests to accept and which you must skip, how to complete them faster and also the order to turn in the quests so you save a lot of time!

As you can see from the picture, Beastly Leveling Addon has a very simple interface which is showing which quests you finished, what you must do the complete the remaining quests and where to go to turn them in for your experience and platinum rewards.

Information regarding this Wildstar leveling guide addon:

If you choose exile or dominion leveling route each will cost you 39 bucks but if you choose to buy both you will have 12% discount on wholesale price. So if you are planning to play both factions I advise you to buy both because it’s a good bargain.

Why do you need this addons and why you must use it?


The answer is very simple:

Because it is a 100% LEGAL addon, it has 24/7 customer support and all the future updates will cost you nothing. You also have a free trial which you can use it to reach level ten. Stop losing your time and go hardcore “cupcake”.


3.     Wildstar Crafting and Class Guides (also leveling).

wildstar-online-complete-guideDon’t you want to use Wildstar leveling addons and maybe a leveling manual, crafting manual or maybe you wish to understand all Wildstar classes better. Stop losing your time and read this article regarding one of the best Wildstar leveling, crafting and class guides.

This leveling manual it is explaining every area of the game for every class. Also it contains all dungeons( boss fights). The crafting guide contains all trade-skills from game and how to use them to make profit from crafting. The class manual it explain with full details every class from the game and you will know better what suits your game style.

Information regarding this Complete Guide package:

If you chose the complete package (leveling, crafting and also class guides) you have 37% discount on wholesale price.



SABO FREAKING TAGE! Yep you got that right we are talking about Sabotage in Wildstar! Sabotage is the new battleground the devs just dropped in Wildstar! It’s a 15v15 bad assery battleground with freaking BOMBS, mounts, airstrikes and did I mention bombs?! Bombs are an important part of the new Wildstar Sabotage battleground.

Where is the Sabotage battleground located?

This awesome and extremely fun battleground is located in Daggerstone Pass. So you think you got the ninja skills required to sabotage stuff? But be aware it requires a lot more than stealth or pyromania. You will need a combination of both meticulous and cunning strategy, coordinated attacks and of course ruthlessness, to have the guts to blow up your enemies without thinking twice about it.

So, what do I have to do in the Sabotage battleground to win?!

Petty much, you have a base, your enemies have a base, you got to protect your fusion core and destroy the enemy core, also capturing hold uplinks through the battleground to call in periodic airstrikes on the enemy Fusion Core. Sounds pretty simple eh? But that’s not all! You forgot about the BOOOOMBS and addons for Wildstar! So, what you are supposed to do is grab a bomb (be careful when you do it not to blow up), take it to the enemy base through the fields of enemy players and use it on their fusion core! You can also drop bombs right in the middle of your enemies if you are sneaky enough to blow them all up to pieces and get the uplinks for aerial strikes! (Be careful because if you have a bomb on you and you get killed, the enemy can pick the bomb from you and drop it on your core, especially if you are in your base and get killed, so don’t just jump inside the big ass crowd to make a stand point, use your brain cupcake or you will face pure death, blown to pieces. So, yes, the Sabotage battleground sounds freaking fun isn’t it? Well because it is!!

Sabotage keywords?

  1. CORES – Destroy your enemy fusion core to win and protect yours.
  2. UPLINKS – Capture these points to call in airstrikes!
  3. BOMBS – Blow up! Nah, I am kidding you use these to have fun first and then to blow up your enemies, your enemy enemies along with the fusion cores and the uplinks!



Theres a total of 13 achievements so far that you can complete in the Sabotage battleground! Isn’t that fun?! From fishing with dynamite to Sabotage Savior, but for a full list consult our guides, you got it all in there baby! Also there’s rewards, Décor items and Dominion Cages, yep that’s right, what those are used for? Take a read of the Wildstar guide, leveling pvp and crafting tips and addons folks and clear it all dooooooown. Good luck sabotaging cupcake, you will sure need it! ALLRIGHT, LET’S GET IT STARTED! BOMBS!

Addons Journey to Wildstar and Power Leveling

 Wildstar Addons

       Hello Cupcakes and welcome back to our website, today we are going to write a thing or two about addons and mostly about the useful addon’s there are for Wildstar right now because we know how awesome an addon can be in any MMO and how they can boost your power leveling, for example WoW raiding could not be done without the addons but in Wildstar the addons does not have such a great impact on the player but it can sure make your life easier.

       So what are the Addons for Wildstar?

       Addons are softs or enhancement to the game that are being made by players of the game who knows how to code or developers and also really interested in the game people or the developers of the game itself.

       What are the addons doing and how can they help me?

       Addons in Wildstar can do a series of things such as pointing you in the right direction when you click on a quest or mission but keeping the arrow and creating a line until you get to the right spot, when you start fighting a boss it can “stick” a glue-like line to the boss so you always know where the boss is regardless of the visual effects of the game, it can solve Simon’s Puzzles for you and so much more.

       What kind of addons are there in the moment?

       There are a huge category of addons you can choose from to customize your UI or help you along the game. The most popular addon types are: Action bars, Artwork and Decoration, Auction and Economy, Buffs and Debuffs, Combat, Tooltips, Bags and Inventory, Crafting addons. There are a lot more!

       How do i install my Wildstar Addons?

       Well you can check out that information on our page here but there is also a different way you can install Wildstar Addons and that is by using this software called Mission Control. This software will install the addons for you automatically. All you have to do is to drag from the addons archive you have downloaded the file into the mission control window and the addon will be installed. You can get your addons from the Curse or the forums and also a few other websites that has addons for Wildstar. Most of the addons are free but if you want really special addons for Wildstar that will cost.

Wildstar Addons

       My favourite and most helpful addons for Wildstar are:

       AMP Finder – This addons allows you to see where you can find each AMP for your class, where is the vendor located including cords to it and to the zone, it’s AWESOME!

       CheatSimon – This one will resolve the Simon Puzzles for you in a hearth beat. Don’t worry and stop getting annoyed about not remembering the right colors. CheatSimon will do that for you!

      MagicMail – I hate spammers, who keeps telling you to buy Wildstar Gold and Platinum from them? I sure do that is my I use MagicMail to block them once and for all and all kinds of messages like that.

       MultiCraft and Trackmaster are two more addons for Wildstar that are worth mentioning. For more information about addons and platinum or if you are interested in power leveling guide stay tuned on our website. Cheers Cupcake!

       Have you done your 2-step verification?

2-step verification

       OHHH CUPCAKE! Haven’t you heard about the 2-step verification to epicness? No worries, I will tell you now about it so you don’t miss it. It is this new thing that Nexus developers are putting you up to do but they are REWARDING YOU with an awesome NEW MOUNT! Woah, who does not love a new mount in any game, especially Wildstar, because owning tons of mounts and changing them at your own like denotes power and wealth and hey, if you are wealthy you get the chicks right? So you heard that right!


       So you are enjoying life on Nexus, partying with awesome Aurin chicks or Cassian chicks, you got that awesome housing decor you have been craving for so long, you maxed your arena and pvp skills and pretty much your swimming in platinum, living the good life right? Like the old Bill Gates. Well my friend all that can be gone in a split of a second! HOW you ask yourself? It is simple. Hackers and crackers, no not the biscuit crackers you eat while you watch a movie, those kind of crackers that will infiltrate in your computer set in a key logger for Wildstar and steal your account, what it does is it will save all keys you press when you open Wildstar. Imagine you log in one day and all your wealth is gone, house is devastated, all your hard work into building your mansion and now it’s all gone because you were too lazy to do 2-step verification on carbines website. Imagine your character left in cold freezing, nude in some corner of the world like Whitevale or perhaps the middle of the capital, everyone making fun of it not a nice thought is it? That is just the worst that could happen. So move your lazy ass cupcake and do your 2-step verification because it takes you over a minute to protect yourself from hackers, we do not live in honest world, not yet anyway so better take care.

       Your 2-step verification is done!

       Now imagine that your 2-step verification is done and you are back to the good old life. Your items are safe and the hard earned platinum safe and your mansion is tight and secure like the Guantanamo Bay Prison. Now your account is safe and much less at risk of being stolen so you can focus on the right stuff now!

       You get rewards for the 2-step verification!

       Of course the developers will not put you to work and not reward you, for the 2-step verification you get:

-          2% XP, Renown and Prestige bonus

-          Cybernetic Eyepatch ( LOOKS EPIC!!!)

-          In-game title of Certifiably Certified

       BUT THAT’S NOT ALL CUPCAKE! Starting from 10th of July, anyone with an active 2-step verification done gets one of the sweetest rides on Nexus! HELL YEAH! The Retroblade Mount. Is it not freaking awesome mount to have? Check it out below, also you can read more about mounts in our mounts section!

2-step verification

       For more information about what is going on the Nexus stay focused and tuned to our website, we get you the right new on time. Cheers cupcake and watch your back out there, it’s not safe since the Strain! For everything you need in Wildstar you have our partners Wildstar Guide.

Wildstar leveling guide is bringing you the latest news regarding Strain update from Wildstar Online. Cupcakes this is fishy because beyond science something strange is waiting for you.

What is Strain and how can you get help from Wildstar Leveling Guide to fight against it?

The Strain is actually a deadly organic anomaly that has recently started to circulate around Nexus. Having the energy to transform life-forms into horrifying, anomalies, this Strain is surely a serious and deadly terror. Every attempt to stop this particular infestation was an epic failure. This plaque, if no one will take action against it, will destroy all life on Nexus in a short period of time. Do you think you need also help from Wildstar Leveling Guide to fight Strain?



New Zones from Strain Update ( and also included in Wildstar leveling guide):

  1. Blighthaven

Blighthaven is a compromised wilderness and home of the Genesis Prime’s Creation. In this new zone Blighthaven you will find this particular strange unknown monster of alien kind with the name: The Globellum. Also you will find brutal affected by Strain monsters and Eldan constructs which you must kill with the help of Wildstar leveling guide.

New area will include also Sanctuary of the Keepers, Genesis Chamber and Cankertube Swamps.

  1. Northern Wastes

In this particular Northern Wastes zone, Exile and Dominion factions came back to demand this frozen wilderness for their side. The saga continues in this zone with new missions, new enemies and new loots. In the new missions you will discover, with the help of Wildstar leveling guide, unknown places on this harmful frigid wild, latest adventures and awesome quests around Northern Waste. You will get better rewards and will get great new gear and bags of dazzling loot because you struggle for influence over the Northern Wastes! Cybernetic monsters, dubious necromancers, and crazy cannibals will try to stop you into your journey in this new zone.

With this new update you will get also new décor items for your house.

Also you will get new will get new customization items for your headgear, shoulders, chest-piece, gloves, leggings and footwear.

Do you wish to own a new hoverboard or maybe done have one but you wish to drive one? Don’t lose your time and get in to those new zones because thanks to the latest discovery into aerodynamic engineering and by completing zone quests and earning influence, you will be able to get new stylish hoverboard.

wildstar leveling guide sanctuary

Do you think your mount need more accessories? Me too cupcake. I’m hardly waiting to boost my mount with Strain infected mount items. All those new accessories, new Wildstar leveling guide for this zone, new enemies and missions you will find only on here.

See you in Nexus Cupcake.

This special Wildstar Guide is composed from 3 parts:

First let me tell you all what Wildstar Online Guide Complete Package contains.

This bundle it is composed from three e-books:

  • Wildstar Online Leveling Guide
  • Wildstar Online Class Guide
  • Wildstar Online Crafting Guide

All those three e-books are updated every week to keep you informed with newest tip and tricks that you don’t know about Wildstar.

Now I’m giving you my personal insights regarding each of these guides.

Wildstar Online Leveling Guide

wildstar-online-leveling-guide This Wildstar Leveling Manual will help you to reach maximum level in one week or less, depending on how much time you spend in game. To reach level 50 in 6 day you must follow its information step by step and don’t skip any quest. It includes all maps starting with Arkship map quests and ending with Western Grimvault and Southern Grimvault for 45-50 level maps. This leveling guide will also help you to choose your abilities starting from level one. It also helps players with advanced tactics regarding their level 15 Wildstar adventures like Riot in the Void and Hycrest Resurection, level 25 adventure Siege of Tempest Refuge, level 40 adventure Crimelords of Whitevale and level 45 adventure The Malgrave Trail (at the time I was making this review the last adventure was still under development). It also contain great description about all advancement and boss fights through all Wildstar Dungeons: Storm Talon’s Lair, Ruins of Kel Voreth, Skullcano and Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden.

Wildstar Online Class Guide

wildstar-online-class-guideThis particular class guide is helping players to have a good understanding of all Wildstar Classes, their specific class roles, what leveling, pvp and pve builds they can use in instances and how to distribute their AMP points.

For instance, it helped me on my warrior class to understand what abilities I must upgrade and why I must submit points in my assault tree and also where I must allocate my AMP points when I am leveling. Also it helped me to choose my abilities and Amp distribution for dungeons and adventures where my warrior became the dps-er or the tank of my group and I needed to help my fellas.

Wildstar Online Crafting Guide

wildstar-online-crafting-guideThis specific crafting guide assisted me a lot to choose my trade-skills and what crafting professions I must choose when I was leveling up. It also helped me to understand how to benefit from my hobbies.

For example, it made it simpler for me to understand why I must use mining, armorer and the explorer path when I was leveling up to 50.

It has also a detailed description of each trade-skill, an updated list of schematics, a full guide to talent points distribution and how to benefit from my tech tree when I am crafting.

Overall I will give an 4/5 stars to all these 3 guides. If you ask me if spent my money for nothing, I definitely say NO. Why? Because these 59.99 bucks I invested to grab the Complete Guide Package aided me to reach level 50 in one week and also I know much more regarding crafting, classes, all dungeons and adventures in Wildstar Online.




It is finally here, after long years of wait, secretive information, sketch and leaked artwork, theories over theories about the classes, world raids and God knows what, THE HEADS TART for Wildstar is finally upon us and we already know the servers list, you can read it in our article here. I bet you already know this but the head start for Wildstar starts on 31 MAY and ends on the launch date of the game that is 4th of June.   The developers of the game have promised us a lot and they did not fail to deliver what they have promised. After the very short beta that we had, and the Ops Week for Wildstar we have seen the true potential of this game. It is absolutely beautiful. The Wildstar head start has been long awaited by all MMO’S communities, guys and girls all over the world are sitting on needles for this head start and for the launch of the game.

Wildstar Head Start

The lucky ones who managed to pre-order this beautiful game have the chance to get in the head start and explore the world of Nexus a few days before those who did not pre-order the game, but I do not know who did not pre-ordered this game after all the hype the developers made about it and after the raiding content we have been shown. It is truly amazing. This is not just another SCI-FI MMO with pretty colors, it’s a completely new frontier. The game play is freaking awesome. Plain and simple, Wildstar combat kick’s ass! Aim, dodge, sprint and double jump your way into your enemy’s hearth. No wonder everyone is waiting for the launch of this game and even more for the head start of the game. Who in the right mind would not want to play this game? To experience the kick-ass story line and do the freaking massive huge raids that are not for the feint hearted. The developers have shown us that they are always listening on various occasion, even responded to a tweet they saw on the social website, and they responded in real life by going to that person’s home, how great those developers are? With such developers who wouldn’t go crazy about the head start. They have taught us that movement and positioning is truly and important variable in Wildstart Raiding and PvP or Warplots. After the awesome raids they have designed for us, they have created player housing with a trillion customizable options. Quite ridiculous, you can customize anything!! And by that I mean ANYTHING you twisted brain can imagine and invite your friends to hang out with you on your space crib. You can personalize everything, how you look, how you craft, how you fight or how you do your adventures. This game has to offer SO MUCH! If you have not pre-ordered yet DO IT NOW, because you will miss the head start that is very important! Be the first to reach level 50 and get in the best raiding guilds to brag about your bad ass armor in the game. Be among the top players! See you all in the head start and be sure to select a low latency server close to your location for no lag, because the realms will be crowded, I can tell you that cupcake! See you in! What is it going to be? Exiles or Dominion?!

Wildstar head start realm list!

       Wildstar Open beta and Ops Week is close now but the head start is around the corner, what is it going to be PvE or PvP server? We know that the fun is going to be crazy on both types of server, or perhaps you are the type that likes roleplaying pvp or roleplaying pve, to be honest it’s quite fun to play on those servers if you have who to role play with. The server list for the head start has been released by the developers and they choose some pretty neat names for the server for the wildstart head start.

       Wildstar head start Realm list names for North America:

Wildstar Head Start

Avatus – PVE server

Caretaker – PVE Server

Mirkos- PVE Server

Orias – PVE Server

Stormtalon – PVE Server

Thunderfoot – PVE Server

Pago – PVP Server

Pergo – PVP Server

Widow – PVP Server

Evindra – RP-PVE Server

Myrcalus – Oceanic PVE Server

       The names are pretty sweet as it is some are the names of the dungeons you can find in game and specific lore characters. Of course the list will be much bigger after the launch and more servers will open as the game advances if they need, but they have some big servers that can load a ton of people and it probably won’t need more, atleast for the head start.

       Wildstar head start realm list names for Europe:

The language and PVE servers, for Europe stands as follows:

Wildstar Head Start

Ascendancy – EN

Eko – EN

Ikthia – DE

Kazor – DE

Stormfather – FR

The PvP Realmlist for Europe Wildstar head start:

Hazak – EN

Progenitor – DE

Treespeaker – FR

The roleplay realmlist for Europe:

Lightspire – EN

Toria – DE

Triton – FR

       As we see the Europe has 3 role play servers, one for each massive language in the Europe. More will come, also for Spanish and Italian but that will happen later after the launch. So, have you prepared for the Wildstar head start? You bought soda, chips, pizzas and cereals for the next 3 days to come? Because you will sure need them in order to fully profit from the head start! By the time the people who did not pre-order gets to play the game you can be level 30+ already and cut them off in the end with your megahyper awesome energy kinetic sword. The devs promised a very sweet and smooth launch of the game and they promised to keep a close eye on things and they also have the ability to add more if necessary. I already know a few people who are disappointed because there are no RP-PVP realms included in the lists but they have told us that there is not enough demand from players for those kinds of server and it would be an empty world without the needed players for a good a nice experience. It is not a final decision yet so they will probably add them to the list if there is a need for them. So there we have it cupcakes! Choose your realm wisely and talk to your friends before doing so, so you all start on the same realm because we know that fun without friends is not really fun! Enjoy the game and see you in the Wildstart head start! Cheers and see you in game cupcakes! Remember, if you need to consult our Wildstar guide feel free to do so, because Nexus is a strange and complex home and sometimes you might need some help.

Leveling maps guide for all Wildstar Races

Leveling in WildStar might become time consuming once players do not see what quests must to do next. The next content is a completely compact leveling guide and addons details , which contains monsters for every  area, and offers unlocks ready for specific race and levels. Our team suggest to study leveling advices detailed below due to the fact that them explain on what you need to concentrate during your leveling plan.

All leveling advices from this Wildstar Guide are explained in steps

1. You can level up from level 1 to level 3 in Akship map for both races (Exile or Dominion).

2. As soon as you reach level 3, for Dominion race you can go Levian Bay or Crismon Isle and exp there until level 6. Leveling to 6 will open Walatiki Temple Battleground.

3. If you are from Exile you can go from 3 to 6 to Everstar Grove or Northern Wilds. Dominions can go to Deradune and Exiles can go to Algoroc for their leveling plan from 6 to 12. At level 8 all races will get salvaging skills and at level 10 trade-skills.leveling

4. From 6-14 you can level on Map Ellevar or Celestion. At level 14 you can get your own house.

5. Leveling to 22 on Auroria for Dominions and on Galaras for Exiles will open them the ability to purchase a mount at level 15.Also when you reach level 15 you will unlock the next adventures: Hycrest Insurrection and Riot in the Void which are fully explained in our Wildstar Leveling Guide.

At level 15 you can enter the PVP Battleground Halls of the Bloodsworn. After you reach level 20 you can enter the PVE dungeons Storm Talon’s Lair and Ruins of Kel Voreth.

6. Once you make 22 you will go either as Exile or Dominion race to Whitevale and Farside map to make level 36.You will discover also PVE adventure War of the Wilds

7. By using this guide, both race will share same maps from level 35 to 44 on their Wildstar leveling adventure: Wilderrun(35-40)  and Malgrave (40-44). “The Malrgave Trail” is other PVE Adventure that you will unlock on those maps.

8. Leveling from 46 to 50 is very difficult and all Wildstar races will do it on Western Grimvault and Southern Grimvault.

Once you reach level 50 you will open new raids, PVP arenas and PVE Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden. Full Wildstar Leveling guides you can find right here.

Now let’s talk about Wildstar Addons

You can install Wildstar Addons on your user application directory. For that you have to go to your Wildstar installation folder.

Wildstar addons are divided in many categories: action bars, artwork and decoration, auction and economy, bags bank and inventory, buffs and debufs, race specific addons, crafting, path specific, pvp, quest and leveling etc.

We will review and discuss later regarding best addons you can find.





       Hello folks. I bet you played the Wildstar beta and you enjoyed every freaking moment of that game but now  Ops Week is comming. You are right to do so. But how about now, now that you are left waiting for the game to start and you got nothing to do just to cope in with the desire to play the game all day long! FEAR NOT! Because the Wildstar dev posts will bring us the “Ops Week”, that is more game time before launch! WHAAAAAAT?! Yes you heard me right, MORE GAME TIME BEFORE LAUNCH!

                So, what is Ops Week?

Ops Week

       Basically Ops Week is more beta testing before the game launches, and the game sure needs more beta testing, because we need a damn well polished game when it launches, right? So pretty much means more beta testing during Ops Week but not just simple testing, let’s say it’s more of a Dominion perspective beta testing, and what do I mean by that is that it will be a little rougher then we have been used to. They need to tests some really hard stuff with us and fix a lot of serious issues before the launch. That is why you can help them in the Ops Week.

                When is the Ops Week happening?

       Ops week will be on from 19th of May up to 30th of May. The time when you can play or the servers will be up is mostly during office hours (PDT) because they need to monitor and test closely. I know that now you are used to get a reward for helping the studio in beta testing, but this time the real reward is the bonus game time that you get, no more Boom Boxes this time, I know I wish we could get more of the boom boxes. Be sure to check your Wildstar launcher to see when servers are up to hop in into the Ops Week testing.

                Who will get to play the Ops Week at this time?

       The Ops Week is designed for everyone, anyone can play. Just go and check if the servers are available to play and if it says they are up, go hop in and give them a hand of help to create the most perfect MMO. Sadly there isn’t any pre-announce of when the servers are up or about the hours, so you will have to check yourself the servers each time you log in and also please cope with them on the lots of disconnect that you will get due to the testing. After all there is a patch with 500+ bug fixes and that’s not all. Get in the special Ops Week and enjoy more of the game and help them at the same time. You don’t like it? No problem because the headstart is right around the corner in 1th of June. In case you feel a huge urge to play the game get your cupcake ass into the Ops Week and start testing you little evil Chua!!

                In conclusion

       They need to test a lot and also fix a lot of bugs and test those fixed bugs before the launch, so they gave us more game time to play and help them out. Honestly I am a big fan of Wildstar and this game leveling guide and I am more than happy to help them out with the tests and not only, because I know in my hearth that this will be a game for the future, with really awesome developers that listen to the community unlike some other from various 3 letter MMO’s.